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TE-GD4 gas-diesel system

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Gas injection controller for gas-diesel system


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The TE-GD4 gas-diesel gas injection controller allows, without making changes to the engine design and fuel system, to convert almost any diesel engine to work in gas-diesel (dual-fuel) mode: on a mixture of diesel fuel and gas.

Economical effect
The economic effect is achieved by partially replacing diesel fuel with cheaper gas. Due to physical features, it is impossible for a diesel engine to operate exclusively on gas. The percentage of replacement depends on the type of gas used. In the case of using propane-butane, the percentage varies from 20 to 40%. In the case of using methane - from 40 to 60%.

Diesel engine type.
The TE-GD4 system can be installed on any type of diesel engine, from mechanical injection pumps to common rail engines. Also, engines of not only vehicles, but also engines of small power plants, sea and river vessels, diesel locomotives, etc. can be re-equipped.

Gas used
The TE-GD4 system can use any flammable type of gas. These are propane-butane, methane, liquefied methane, hydrogen, etc. In any case, the engine only runs when diesel and gas are consumed together. In this case, the mixture is ignited by ignition of the diesel engine. The ratio between the supplied diesel and gas depends on the properties of the gas and the operating conditions of the engine.

Installation and setup
The installation differs little from the installation of gas equipment of the 4th generation: a gas supply system is installed on the engine, the necessary sensors are mounted, a gas reducer, gas electromagnetic nozzles are installed.

The fuel supply is limited by lowering the readings of the electronic gas pedal.

The setup is fundamentally different from the setup of the usual 4th generation HBO systems and requires the installer to have additional knowledge in the field of the principle of operation of diesel engines.

There is absolutely no need for dynamometers during setup. Tuning is done on the go on public roads.

Protection systems
The TE-GD4 system uses two sensors (both included) to protect the engine from unacceptable operating conditions: a knock sensor and an exhaust gas temperature sensor.

Works with all types of diesel engines
Works with propane-butane (LPG) and methane (CNG)
Gas injection with 1 – 4 nozzles
Automatic setting
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Emulator
Exhaust manifold overheat protection


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TE-GD4 gas-diesel system

TE-GD4 gas-diesel system

Gas injection controller for gas-diesel system