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TE-Z8 Simple OBD Controller K-Line

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TE-Z8 Simple OBD Controller K-Line


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The TE-Z8 device is a simple K-line controller designed to be paired with all Tegas Engineering controllers. Compatible protocols: KWP2000 slow, KWP2000 fast, ISO 9141.

Connecting to the diagnostic bus, it requests data and converts them into an analog output signal. The output of TE-Z8 is connected to the wire of the gas controller intended for connection of the lambda probe.

TE-Z8 operates in two modes:

1) Requests data on short-term and long-term correction of the fuel mixture via OBD (short trim, long trim) and displays their complex value.

Thus, the gas controller promptly responds to deviations in engine operation parameters and makes timely corrections to the operation of the gas system.

2) Requests the calculated engine load value via OBD.

The mode is intended for operation in a gas-diesel system. It allows you to get a more accurate control signal for the gas system. When polling OBD signals, a power parameter (calculated load value) is allocated, which is converted into an analog signal (0 - 5V). In the future, this signal is connected to the TPS inputs of the diesel engine.
Among the advantages of using TE-Z8 are:
1. The operation of a gas-diesel car in cruise control mode.
2. Improved operation of gas diesel with automatic transmission.
3. Possibility of gas-diesel operation without reduction of diesel supply. The necessary reduction will be performed by the diesel computer itself. In this case, power feedback is provided via the TE-Z8.
4. The setup process is simplified. There is no need to fine-tune the map for rpm and other parameters.
To switch the TE-Z8 to the gas-diesel mode, you need to install a jumper located inside the case on the board.


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TE-Z8 Simple OBD Controller K-Line

TE-Z8 Simple OBD Controller K-Line

TE-Z8 Simple OBD Controller K-Line